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I love writing Martha Rodgers.

It's not beta read, not edited, and I'm not sure it will make it into a fic, but I had to share because I had so much fun! Written with my dear friend, [ profile] padawan_aneiki.

All the world is a stage to her... )

A few liberties taken with the whole HIPAA thing, but it's more fun this way. =)

ETA: Ooh. And she's a ginger! I see an LJ revamp coming on!
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It's a mixed bag, but some of the authors I've been finding decent at are posting over at [ profile] castle_fic. There's also some stuff that's not showing up at the cesspool that was amusing and pretty well-written. Check out "Mad Doctors and B Movie Nazis" when you get there... so long as you've seen "The Third Man" first. =)

ETA: I think I just read what may be the funniest Castle fan fic ever. The latest installment, called "Nick & Nora, Bond & Vesper," can be found here. The links to the earlier stories are in the Author's Notes, and I highly recommend those. Characterization was pretty consistent, and I love the merry little war the author stirs up between Ryan, Esposito, and Castle. Some portions -- and the accompanying mental images -- had me laughing out loud.
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Given the interest in the comments for my previous post, I've put together a few Castle fic reccs after my wade into the cesspool I may be cutting them too much slack, considering their environment, but you can be the judge:

Reccs now behind the cut. )

For now, that's all I have. I've read a few more, but I need to filter back through them to find the wheat among the chaff. =)


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