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...I only wish. Just this week, I have bounced from Zorro, to my Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys stories, to Perry Mason, and back again -- all within minutes, in some cases. I think I'm getting whiplash...

Word Count

Nov. 11th, 2009 09:39 pm
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Term Paper: 4,728 words.

Fic: 318 words.

Bad things:
  • Term paper was supposed to be 20 - 30 pages, with a small amount of flexibility. Ended up with 19 pages.

  • Fic count is extremely sad.

  • Good things:
  • Term paper is done, and submitted. Covered the topic extremely well, and was very well researched. Reference list was diverse and complete. So, while it may be a little short, it was some of my better work...and a damn sight better than what I did last term.

  • Fic word count is low, but I'm finally connecting with my lead character. I may not get a novel out of my casual participation with NaNo, but I will at least get some time "in the sandbox," which will help me flesh things out a bit more as I go. Some of the scenes and interactions I'm writing and outlining will have to be filed away, as they'd be too much overload this time around. I'm loving the complicated relationship my lead has with her father; the relationship with her partner is somewhat undefined as yet. I'm hoping that playing around some more will help me pinpoint that. Now if only the muses could decide between first person and third person POV...

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    ...mainly because they're sitting on their @$$e$, eating bon-bons all day, and not producing any ideas worthwhile. So, in an effort to give them a little workout, I offer this:

    Most of you guys know my fandoms, you know my sims, or my RPGs. Toss me a fandom (or a character) and a prompt, and let's see what I can do.

    If you need some help figuring out fandoms or whatnot, feel free to take a look at my interests to get some ideas.

    And no, Alli, I haven't forgotten about Alice/Carlos. I'm still trying to track that muse down. Again. ::sigh::


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