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DH and I have taken to saying that if you wait for the weather to accommodate you, you'll never do anything. So, with a gray sky, looming rain clouds, and insanely high humidity, I set out on Sunday to jumpstart my training again. I walked the neighborhood twice; ran the last 1/4 mile or so. For the first time in a very long time, the run felt good -- I just concentrated on breathing and the music piping through the headphones and cruised that last quarter mile.

On Monday, with another gloomy sky, I drove down to the nearby pond, where there is a 2.6 mi walking trail. I'd hoped to recapture some of that great feeling from Sunday, but it just wasn't happening. I managed about a mile run, off and on, and then a good, steady clip for the remainder. It really was nice to get off the asphalt and into the woods. I'm hoping I can repeat the same later this week.

Tuesday has been a day of rest... sort of. I spent all day running errands and collecting supplies and tools to help me finish up the props for D*C: heat gun, multi-tool, craft foam, rubber cement, and a few other things. I've made some good progress on Valkyrie's armor; I'm waiting for DH to get back before I start tackling Hawkeye's arrows.

So far, nothing accomplished today, other than breakfast, the dishes, and buying some new music (Jacob's Trouble, if anyone is interested =) ). Headed in a few minutes to trace out a pattern for my "Natasha civvies" -- red, orange, and brown tank tops -- for casual wear around the con. If anyone notices, awesome; if not, I'm not losing any sleep over it. I figure I'll try and tackle that for a bit before moving back over to work on the forearm portion of Val's half-gauntlet. With the weather, I should be painting. Unfortunately, I've not gotten to the point where I can yet. Still have to finish shaping and sealing the foam before I can jump ahead to painting. =\

Goals for this week: )

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....or keep your eye on the ball, Ginger!

Goal -- 36-26-36ish. Current -- 36-31-42. Been there before, can get there again. But the homemade chicken and beef nachos tonight with a beer probably didn't help. =\

Ah well. Pilates session tomorrow. Seeing some flab loss in the arm, the upper thigh; a bit of definition in the upper arm and shoulder, as well as just at and below the bra line; not quite so much pudge in the middle, either. Just gotta keep it up.

::sigh:: This is going to be the hardest 6 - 7 inches to lose.

Thinking about going to a dietician to help get a handle on the eating. I need some help up here, as the healthier foods I ate back home when I *was* at those measurements are just not as easy to come by up here. Need to get back on the water wagon, too -- I've been really bad about drinking iced tea this week.

One other thing I know will help -- a good night's sleep.

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Ryan Reynolds said that training for Blade: Trinity really kinda sucked -- he was too tired and too sore to really enjoy being that fit. )'s instances like this that a real, honest-to-goodness personal trainer would be really helpful. Alas, not in the cards for now.
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...that I can spend an entire weekend at home, intending to workout or work in the sewing room, yet find myself doing everything but. Then, when it comes time to be back at work on Monday morning, I find myself full of energy, in a good mood, and want nothing more than to be at the gym or in the sewing room...By the time I get home, all I want to do is take a nap.

This. really. sucks.


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