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I concede the week.

Now just leave me the f*ck alone, okay?

andveryginger: (Default) the letter B -- for BOREDOM...

...the letter F -- for frustration...

...and the number 45 -- because I have 45 minutes before I can get the frak out of here.

ETA: ...and also the letter I -- for the idiots who tell their bosses one story, and then leave behind e-mail evidence to the contrary...
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...I know I use that one a lot, but when you have weeks -- sometimes a month -- between postings, it seems appropriate. =)

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Anyway... that's the news for now. As you can see, a lot going on. Things are beginning to settle in, but it's going to take longer than I thought. ::sigh:: As much as I love change, I really hate the upheaval sometimes.

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...but moving and without internet. Computers will be at the house tonight; the nice cable man will be there tomorrow morning. If all goes well, I'll be back up and running by noon tomorrow.

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It seems odd to end on 8, but I really can't think of anything else. Maybe I'll put a note here that the list is subject to editing as the day progresses. =)
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Well, it's about that time. I have about two hours left on my day, and then I'm freeeeeee! For a few days, at least. Fighting off the monster of all headaches but, thankfully, it's not a migraine. I can't afford one of those to knock me down right now. I still have to pack!

Short notes:

  • Chris Judge has cancelled at DragonCon. Who's coming in his place? Torri Higginson. Which, while this may not be terribly exciting for some of you ( ::pokes Alli:: ), I think it's pretty cool. And Rachel Luttrell will be there. Meta, anyone?

  • The BSG Colonial Day Party has been moved to Friday night, 10:30 in Regency V. Sucks that it's Friday night, but at least we're getting there Thursday.

  • Not that anyone really cares, but the BDUs are somewhat tight across the hips. Soooo going on a diet when I get home. And exercising. Seriously. Really. I mean it this time. Don't try to stop me...

  • The first of the BSG Webisodes will apparently air 5 September. They will then appear every Tues/Thursday until 6 October. [Nod to the gals over at [ profile] adama_roslin.] There's some gnashing of teeth regarding the UK delay and the possibly-not-recordable nature of the eps...but I never underestimate the creativity of fans in sharing the fun. =)

  • After this week, if I never see another PowerPoint slide, it will be too soon. Grr.

  • And, lastly, dinner with Mom and Baby Brother tomorrow night. Definitely looking forward to that. Well, that, and finally delivering the Tevas I bought my brother like a month ago. =)

  • And now... time to go back to those @#$% PowerPoint slides. ::sigh::

    Where's Doom 3 when you really need it?
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    Drilling and pumping for oil isn't supposed to require heavy artillery.

    "Iran's Navy Attacks and Boards Romanian Rig in Gulf", Andy Critchlow and Marc Wolfensberger, Bloomberg.

    [Hat tip: Drudge.]

    The. Suit.

    Aug. 20th, 2006 12:29 pm
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    Been looking for like two years now, and I. Just. Found. THE. Suit.


    Must. Have.

    Will. Have.

    ::goes digging for Visa card::

    ETA: Alas, I lost the auction in the final 12 seconds. It went for $368.

    For those interested, the suit is from the Armani Collezioni, navy blue pin stripe pant and jacket, rayon/wool mix. Not sure of the year, though it was used for the 2004 - 2005 BSG season, so I'd guess at least the 2004 collection.

    And, if anyone out there does find it in a size 10, please let me know. Or if anyone has any ideas on how to find another one...



    Aug. 18th, 2006 12:27 pm
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    Just bought tickets to see Geraint Wyn Davies as Richard III at the Shakespeare February. Planning ahead much? Hee!

    ::bounces off::
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    London flight diverted to Logan after on-board fight; security threat.

    Apparently a woman was experiencing a bout with "claustrophobia" and had a "confrontation" with the aircrew/flight crew. The "prohibited items" are listed in other sources as matches, a screwdriver, and Vaseline. So my question is this: Did she plan on her little attack of claustrophobia? Because I know I carry matches, screwdrivers, and Vaseline in my carry-on luggage simply all the time. (/sarcasm)

    I think this chick should have to pay for the jet fuel and the fighter pilots' time spent in escort. Especially if she turns out to be just another nutcase.
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    Left to purchase for DragonCon:

  • Ribbons (RMN costume)

  • Stars (hyper-capable command) (RMN costume)

  • Corframs (RMN costume)

  • Items to exchange/return/purchase before DragonCon:

  • Urban digital camo 4-pkt shirt (ordered a med/reg, and it was waaaay too big)(BSG costume)

  • Okay, so I haven't exchanged yet. I haven't heard from the surplus people I bought it from, either. Grrr.

    Days till DragonCon: 16 15

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    ...from National Review Online.

    "The Brink of Madness
    A familiar place."
    By Victor Davis Hanson

    An interesting comparison between our current international situation, and the situation as it existed prior to WWII...and some criticisms about cultural relativism.

    ETA: And a reading recommendation, on similar topics mentioned in the article: Natural Right and History by Leo Strauss. Also, War: Ends and Means by Angelo Codevilla and Paul Seabury. The Strauss is a bit heavy, but the Codevilla-Seabury book is very readable.
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    This is what happens when the gray hairs give me a boring job to do repeatedly and too often.

    Personality types for today, last seen with Nessa and Stace. )

    Tools of the evil empire, huh? Well, I am a Republican...

    ::evil cackle::
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    Forever Knight Season 3 DVDs will be available 3 October 2006, for those of you who didn't know already and are interested. =)

    ::heads off back to writing bios::


    Jul. 24th, 2006 05:38 pm
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    Yup. Still alive. Bored to death, but still alive. Had a great weekend with Mom, Step-Dad, and Baby Brother. Didn't do a whole lot, but still had a good time. Was nice to visit. Was also nice to be able to pay for a few things for a change instead of being the free-loading kid...especially since the parentals just had to put four tires on their Jeep. ($$$!)

    In other news, DH gets home tomorrow evening, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. The next time someone gets a bright idea to send him somewhere for a month, I'm so booking a ticket, at least for a weekend trip. This just sucked. The good news is that he got per diem and worked lotsa hours. The result? A few days off and a few extra dollars. =)

    Slow day at work today. Spent some time working on a bio for a Command NPC and, ironically, who I think would by my PC on Nessa's sim. True, I haven't even visited the sim yet, but eh, I'll take the inspiration when it comes. Nessa? I'll probably be dropping a line to see about something as far as positions go. I've seen the list, but the background I came up with on this guy might lend itself to a couple of different areas. Just wanted to see how you feel about that...but I need to finish fleshing him out first. I'll drop a line when I've about got him written up.

    Anyway, that's it for now. More later.



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