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In the sewing room today, working on my Black Widow costume for Dragon*Con 2013. Have spent the better part of the past couple of days reading fanfic, and come to the following two conclusions:

1) There needs to be more Clint/Natasha (Avengers movie-verse) fic.
2) There needs to be more Sam/Quorra (Tron: Legacy) fic.

The first one, I'm working as part of the solution. The second... not sure I'm there yet. Or if I ever will be. For now, I'll simply have to re-read the good stuff I've found and keep creative in the sewing room. Maybe the muses will join the conversation soon.
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Perusing Facebook, I see that a friend plays Vampire Wars, and her current status is "[Friend] has has found a lonely Vampire Cow. [She]is trying to find someone who will give it a new home."

I can't help but think of a line I once wrote in a Forever Knight fic: "After all, dear Nicholas: You are what you eat."

...and now I'm going to take a much-needed nap...
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... you read:

And then you realize your child has become a victim of “Fuzzy Math,” the “New New Math,” the dumbed-down, politically correct, euphemism-filled edu-folly corrupting both public and private schools nationwide.

...and can't get past hearing The Doctor go, "New New York Math."


Why, yes, I have been reading too much fic lately, thankyouverymuch. I keep hoping it will feed the muses. So far, no luck. Even if they are, apparently, reading Michelle Malkin along with me.


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