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Muuuch more fun than the last two, somehow managing to recapture the fun of the original. Possibly the absence of Will and Elizabeth has something to do with that.

I definitely like Penelope Cruz better than I thought I would, and she makes a good foil for Jack.

Lots of one-liners and double entendres. The whole thing felt a little more, well, adult than the last. The story seemed a little better under control, and I don't think there was too much confusing conflict with plot.

The "B" and "C" plots, BTW, weren't bad, and you can see where they've left themselves a few jumping off points. On that note, be sure to stay after the credits.

Ian MacShane was awesome as Blackbeard, if a touch more shallow than I know he's capable of playing. I wanna see that man do more!

And while Jack is leapfrogging between carriages, keep your eyes open for one of the dames of British theatre. DH argued with me till the end -- but her name is in the credits. =)

Overall, I recommend it -- a great fun, fluffy popcorn flick for the beginning of summer.
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At the moment, I don't feel like writing a full-scale review. For now, I'll say that DH, a friend, and I went to see The A-Team this weekend and had a blast. A little more violent than the original show, but it's all Hollywood; they kept the big explosions and bad guys with bad aim, and just amped it up a bit. =)

Liam Neeson was surprisingly enjoyable as Hannibal, and Sharlto Copley as Murdock stole the show. His interaction with "Rampage" Jackson was hysterical, and right on point; if you remember the show, it's even more enjoyable. Bradley Cooper as Face was okay... I just didn't think he was "pretty" enough to be the "prettyboy" the Faceman is supposed to be. The overall dynamic worked, though, which was the overall goal. Well, aside from the really big explosions....

All in all, it's not going to win any awards, but was a Hell of a lot of fun!


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