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DH and I have taken to saying that if you wait for the weather to accommodate you, you'll never do anything. So, with a gray sky, looming rain clouds, and insanely high humidity, I set out on Sunday to jumpstart my training again. I walked the neighborhood twice; ran the last 1/4 mile or so. For the first time in a very long time, the run felt good -- I just concentrated on breathing and the music piping through the headphones and cruised that last quarter mile.

On Monday, with another gloomy sky, I drove down to the nearby pond, where there is a 2.6 mi walking trail. I'd hoped to recapture some of that great feeling from Sunday, but it just wasn't happening. I managed about a mile run, off and on, and then a good, steady clip for the remainder. It really was nice to get off the asphalt and into the woods. I'm hoping I can repeat the same later this week.

Tuesday has been a day of rest... sort of. I spent all day running errands and collecting supplies and tools to help me finish up the props for D*C: heat gun, multi-tool, craft foam, rubber cement, and a few other things. I've made some good progress on Valkyrie's armor; I'm waiting for DH to get back before I start tackling Hawkeye's arrows.

So far, nothing accomplished today, other than breakfast, the dishes, and buying some new music (Jacob's Trouble, if anyone is interested =) ). Headed in a few minutes to trace out a pattern for my "Natasha civvies" -- red, orange, and brown tank tops -- for casual wear around the con. If anyone notices, awesome; if not, I'm not losing any sleep over it. I figure I'll try and tackle that for a bit before moving back over to work on the forearm portion of Val's half-gauntlet. With the weather, I should be painting. Unfortunately, I've not gotten to the point where I can yet. Still have to finish shaping and sealing the foam before I can jump ahead to painting. =\

Goals for this week: )

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....or keep your eye on the ball, Ginger!

Goal -- 36-26-36ish. Current -- 36-31-42. Been there before, can get there again. But the homemade chicken and beef nachos tonight with a beer probably didn't help. =\

Ah well. Pilates session tomorrow. Seeing some flab loss in the arm, the upper thigh; a bit of definition in the upper arm and shoulder, as well as just at and below the bra line; not quite so much pudge in the middle, either. Just gotta keep it up.

::sigh:: This is going to be the hardest 6 - 7 inches to lose.

Thinking about going to a dietician to help get a handle on the eating. I need some help up here, as the healthier foods I ate back home when I *was* at those measurements are just not as easy to come by up here. Need to get back on the water wagon, too -- I've been really bad about drinking iced tea this week.

One other thing I know will help -- a good night's sleep.



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