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DH and I have taken to saying that if you wait for the weather to accommodate you, you'll never do anything. So, with a gray sky, looming rain clouds, and insanely high humidity, I set out on Sunday to jumpstart my training again. I walked the neighborhood twice; ran the last 1/4 mile or so. For the first time in a very long time, the run felt good -- I just concentrated on breathing and the music piping through the headphones and cruised that last quarter mile.

On Monday, with another gloomy sky, I drove down to the nearby pond, where there is a 2.6 mi walking trail. I'd hoped to recapture some of that great feeling from Sunday, but it just wasn't happening. I managed about a mile run, off and on, and then a good, steady clip for the remainder. It really was nice to get off the asphalt and into the woods. I'm hoping I can repeat the same later this week.

Tuesday has been a day of rest... sort of. I spent all day running errands and collecting supplies and tools to help me finish up the props for D*C: heat gun, multi-tool, craft foam, rubber cement, and a few other things. I've made some good progress on Valkyrie's armor; I'm waiting for DH to get back before I start tackling Hawkeye's arrows.

So far, nothing accomplished today, other than breakfast, the dishes, and buying some new music (Jacob's Trouble, if anyone is interested =) ). Headed in a few minutes to trace out a pattern for my "Natasha civvies" -- red, orange, and brown tank tops -- for casual wear around the con. If anyone notices, awesome; if not, I'm not losing any sleep over it. I figure I'll try and tackle that for a bit before moving back over to work on the forearm portion of Val's half-gauntlet. With the weather, I should be painting. Unfortunately, I've not gotten to the point where I can yet. Still have to finish shaping and sealing the foam before I can jump ahead to painting. =\

Goals for this week: )

In-Progress, Courtesy Pinterest:
Black Widow
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Checking in over at HotAir, I saw a link to 'Time Traveler' May Just Be Hard of Hearing.

You can find a full-frame shot of the "time traveller" here.

I know I've been watching a lot of "Avengers" and "Who" this week, but it just screams Whofic, doesn't it?
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...I need some quasi-objective feedback here. I'm in the middle of about three stories focused around the same timeline for a group of characters. Some of you have already seen this (in varying forms), and I really appreciate your answers. For others of you, here's the setup:

You're a gal in your early twenties, currently a college student. You've lived in one town your entire life, dated one guy for the past 5 - 7 years. He travels quite a bit with his family and his hobbies, and you've been apart frequently in the past. For the past four years, he's been mainly local, while attending university. He's now a college senior, about to graduate, and has applied for jobs in various larger cities more than 4 hours away.

You know that there is a woman he's known for years -- you've never met her, but you've heard about her for years. You've always had a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that there was something more than friendship between her and your boyfriend, but you've always pushed it away. Especially since he's made it very clear that his attentions are focused on you.

You've been seeing each other for years, and have really had no reason to suspect he's ever cheated on you. You rather thought you'd marry, settle down, and raise a family together.

But now, this friend has moved closer, and she is spending more time with your boyfriend and your boyfriend's family. He still insists -- and probably believes -- its still just friendship. In fact, any actions seen as "more than friendship" are entirely unintentional on the part of the boyfriend and the female friend.

Two questions:

  • What -- short of him actually admitting feelings for her or cheating on you -- would be the straw that broke the camel's back? Do you confront him about it?

  • If you're the boyfriend and are confronted with this, what do you do?

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