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There are a few shows I love that don't have large fandom followings -- the Mrs. Bradley Mysteries are one of them. A character created by Gladys Mitchell, Mrs. Adela Bradley is a once-divorced amateur detective with strong interests in Freud and forensics, unconventional for even the Roaring '20s. In the series, she's played by the always-awesome Diana Rigg. Her trusty chauffeur, George, is played very well by Neil Dudgeon.

The series itself consisted of a 2-hour movie, "Speedy Death," followed by a short run series of four episodes. They were broadcast here in the States on PBS, during "Mystery," hosted by Dame Diana herself. Needless to say, there's not a huge following, nor are there usually any fanfics.

And then, after re-watching the series this week, I went digging today. I found three of the best written fics I've seen in a long time. All are written by [ profile] thisiszircon.

"A Good Team," George/Adela. Set a few months after the final episode in the series ("The Worsted Viper"), George bends the conventions to offer a heartbroken Mrs. Bradley friendship and comfort.

"With Flowers," George/Adela. At the end of "The Worsted Viper," George places a single yellow rose in the vase at the back of the Rolls -- an assertion of friendship and apology, not the norm between a chauffeur and his employer.

"Fate and Firelight," George/Adela. Since divorcing her husband, Adela hasn't been one much to stand on convention. Left alone on holiday with George, she feels the pull to give in to feelings she has kept tightly bound over the years. The question then becomes whether or not he'll break convention himself to express what he feels.

The characterization on these stories is amazingly faithful to what is seen on screen, and the author manages to convey a depth of feeling that is equally as true; the emotional tension, mingled with the social tension of their separate stations is almost palpable. Just a really good job, all around.

So, if you get the chance, check out "The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries," (looks like a few are on YouTube), and I highly recommend these fics as companion pieces. =)
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It's a mixed bag, but some of the authors I've been finding decent at are posting over at [ profile] castle_fic. There's also some stuff that's not showing up at the cesspool that was amusing and pretty well-written. Check out "Mad Doctors and B Movie Nazis" when you get there... so long as you've seen "The Third Man" first. =)

ETA: I think I just read what may be the funniest Castle fan fic ever. The latest installment, called "Nick & Nora, Bond & Vesper," can be found here. The links to the earlier stories are in the Author's Notes, and I highly recommend those. Characterization was pretty consistent, and I love the merry little war the author stirs up between Ryan, Esposito, and Castle. Some portions -- and the accompanying mental images -- had me laughing out loud.
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Given the interest in the comments for my previous post, I've put together a few Castle fic reccs after my wade into the cesspool I may be cutting them too much slack, considering their environment, but you can be the judge:

Reccs now behind the cut. )

For now, that's all I have. I've read a few more, but I need to filter back through them to find the wheat among the chaff. =)

Fic Reccs?

Nov. 10th, 2008 09:53 pm
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Okay, I'm not going whole-hog into things, but does anyone have any good "Blood Ties" fic they would recommend? I need something to amuse myself while I'm waiting on the state to get their @#$% together...
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I've been watching my Avengers DVDs over the past few weeks. Today is "Escape in Time," where the dynamic duo are chasing down masterminds who claim they can help evil-doers escape into the past. One key item in the episode is the ridiculous, confusing maze of contacts through a place called Mackidockie Court. It struck me today that the set for Mackidockie Court, aside from the very "set-ishness", looks remarkably like the set for Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter movies.

It also occurs to me that, like Rose in second season Doctor Who, there are bits in the final Emma Peel episodes that point to her departure. For example... )

Needless to say, both of these make me incredibly glad that there is fan fiction.

Two reccs:

The first is more of an author recc than anything. I've recently re-discovered J. M. Galloway's Avengers fics. Very-well written, she has a gift for capturing the overall feel of the series, as well as the witty verbal foreplay between Steed and Mrs. Peel. Both her general-rated and adult-rated stories are worth a read. You can find her stuff here. Her story "To Break Your Heart," is actually set post-"Forget-Me-Not." Some what tense between the characters, but well-done overall. To see the dynamic duo in action, one should check out "Jack in the Green."

The second is a story I stumbled upon by accident, and hasn't been updated by the author in a while. It's a post-"Doomsday" reunion fic with a twist -- one that would normally make me run, screaming from a fic. In this case, I made an exception, and I have to say I'm extremely disappointed that the story hasn't been finished yet. Especially since the author stopped at such an intriguing point! The story? "Mercy," written by "SCAngel." You can find through chapter 8 over at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind. There was more of the story posted on the infamous more-than-famous "Tea Room" community. I'll dig up that link when I get home. =)


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