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Birthdate:Apr 13
Location:Texas, United States of America
"Hell may be our final destination... but not this trip." -- Aramis, "Man in the Iron Mask"

Most of ya know me as "Becca" Ryan-Ramsey, the pen name I've been using for, oh, several years. It actually started out as an original character (OC) name and, as I gradually became known as "Becca's writer," I adopted the pseudonym. Since then, I've been "Becca" to most of my online friends.

I'm a thirty-something former "Beltway Bandit", recently transplanted from Washington, DC to Houston, Texas. I served in the US Navy, married, and eventually moved here. With no children, my husband and I spend most of our evenings quietly killing things on World of WarcraftPirates of the Burning Seas World of Warcraft, bitching about traffic on IRC or AIM, reading, writing, or watching television.

My obsessions vary from time to time. Ten years ago, I was writing X-Files fan fic. Since then, I've migrated to JAG, on to Stargate, and Harry Potter. The muses are currently suffering from a severe case of ADHD, shuffling between NCIS, Castle, original fic, and back again.
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