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I've pretty much decided that Corellia is the galactic equivalent of Texas.


Well, think about all the smugglers tied to Corellia : Han Solo; Talon Karrde; Booster Terrik and his daughter, Mirax -- just to get things started. There was a reason that Corellian Security had their hands full, attempting to keep the illegal activity at bay. The similarity to Texas? The Gulf coast has a long history of providing shelter for pirates, right up to the 1800s. Infamous pirate Jean LaFitte even called Galveston home for a time. After him, pirates of another kind ran casinos, brothels, and other activities of an illegal nature well into the 20th century.

Then there's the attitudes. For better or worse, Corellians remain Corellians wherever they go, complete with huge ego, and they have a reputation for it. They're proud of where they came from, regardless of the illegal ties, and they'll be the first to stand up and fight for their home. As a result, one can also see a large percentage of Corellians represented in the forefront of the Rebellion: Wedge Antilles; Crix Madine; Corran Horn; Han Solo; Garm Bel Iblis, etc. Texans have a similar reputation: One does not simply mess with Texas. =)

The last little connection is something a bit more esoteric. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, Corellian Senator Garm Bel Iblis struggled with the growing power of then-Chancellor Palpatine. When it came time to vote on the Military Creation Act, Bel Iblis invoked Contemplanys Hermi, an obscure provision of the Galactic Constitution:

[The] clause was a proviso added in the early days of the Republic and applied only to the Corellian sector, which was home to one of the Republic's Core Founders, Corellia. Contemplanys Hermi allowed for Corellia to close its borders and recall its delegation from the Galactic Senate, thereby surrendering its veto power while retaining their standing as a Republic member world.

It has been said that Texas, should it find need, could secede from the United States, per a provision in the Texas Constitution. This is untrue, but was discussed at the time Texas joined the Union.

Just some amusement to distract me from actually, ya know, writing. =D


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