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For this week:

1) One Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. I got addicted to this when some Brits gifted my office with a tin of Cadbury chocolates, now almost 6 years ago. Cadbury may have been bought out by Hershey, but it still tastes amazing. Why doesn't American chocolate taste this good?

2) Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio. When I was a kid, my grandmother babysat me in the afternoons. She watched soaps, so I got sucked in from an early age: Days of Our Lives, Another World, and General Hospital. Of all these, General Hospital still ranks as the fave, based on history. This week, I've been reliving my childhood through YouTube -- rewatching old Scorpio plots, and marvelling at how good Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes really were: They took a relationship that shouldn't have seemed normal at all and kept a suspension of disbelief going. All around them, the stupidity of spy versus spy and cops versus mobsters should have made it seem equally as absurd, but Robert and Anna just worked. As an adult, I can really appreciate how...real they made the relationship between them seem. I only wish the two of them could have a happy ending. But, these are soap opera characters we're talking about, right? They make Joss Whedon look loving and considerate of his characters!

Also, if anyone knows where I can find some decent fic for these guys, drop a line. Google searches have turned up very little, and the cesspool is swarming with too many people who wouldn't remember Anna and Robert's history to begin with.

Perry Mason and Della Street may be my OTP, but Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio run a very close second. =D

3) Club level seats to Braves vs. Astros @ Minute Maid. Cushioned seats, excellent food, and an attendant who will bring me Firefly/Jeremiah Weed until the 7th inning. It's worth the extra bucks, thanks!

4) Sweet tea. Completely counterproductive to the fact I want to lose weight, but damn if the tastebuds aren't overruling me this week. ::sigh:: Ah well. Added to the list of decent sweet tea providers: Panera and Whataburger.

5) Chasing down rabbit holes. I totally need to buckle down and get my Whofic going again, but keep finding myself chasing down rabbit holes. From the Anna/Robert diversion to writing RP logs, to reading other fic, I can't seem to make myself sit still long enough to focus on my own stuff. Not feeling stressed about it yet, but I know the day is coming where I soon will be!

And now sleep. Definitely not a guilty pleasure -- something I'm running in short supply of!
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