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I love writing Martha Rodgers.

It's not beta read, not edited, and I'm not sure it will make it into a fic, but I had to share because I had so much fun! Written with my dear friend, [ profile] padawan_aneiki.

Beckett clenched her hands at her sides. "You don't seem to understand -- I was the officer on scene. I'd like to get an update on his condition."

The nurse -- Barbara Halloway, her name tag said -- closed the folder in front of her and regarded Beckett with her lips pursed. "I'm sorry, officer. You should know I can't release information without permission from the patient or the next of kin."

"Next of kin? Oh, please don't tell me it's that bad!"

Beckett whirled, the voice of Martha Rodgers carrying down the hall as she approached, a whirlwind of her own. Sunglasses were perched atop her head, designer purse hooked over her forearm, and long strands of beads clacking as she moved. "I'm his mother," she said. "Please tell me he's all right! Kate -- is he all right?"

Kate cut a glare back to the nurse. "I was just trying to find out."

Nurse Halloway addressed Martha, corners of her mouth tipped downward in silent disapproval. "He's still being treated, Mrs. Rodgers," she said. "But I'd really rather not go into details here." The sidelong she gave Beckett told both women exactly what she meant: She didn't want to say anything about Castle's condition in front of Beckett.

Martha licked her lips, shaking her head. "Wait -- I'm the only one listed on his emergency contact sheet?"

"You and an...Alexis Castle."

"My son can be such a fool sometimes!" Beckett furrowed her brow, watching as Martha waved her hand theatrically. "His mother and daughter, but he still hasn't added you to the list! Kate, I'm so sorry -- I've been bugging him about it since the engagement party --"

Kate struggled to keep her face neutral. "Martha, it's okay. It's not exactly --"

"Common knowledge? I know, dear." The redheaded actress placed her hand on Kate's forearm. She leaned in toward the nurse, eyes on Beckett. "They've both done very well in keeping it from the press, but under the circumstances, I really think dear Nurse Halloway here should be let in on the secret..."

For her part, Halloway gave both Beckett and Martha a hard look. "He's still in treatment. The doctor should be up shortly to give you both more information."

Martha nodded. "Of course. We'll be in the waiting room." She wrapped an arm around Beckett's shoulders. "Come on, dear... Let's go check on Alexis, shall we?"

"Martha, what did you just do!" Kate hissed as they made their way into the waiting area.

"Added you to friends and family," the actress said. Winking, she released Beckett and opened her arms wide. "Alexis, darling!"

A few liberties taken with the whole HIPAA thing, but it's more fun this way. =)

ETA: Ooh. And she's a ginger! I see an LJ revamp coming on!
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