Jul. 1st, 2013

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Yeah. I added another one. Valkyrie/Brunhilde from Fearless Defenders. I totally blame this gal who did Hippolyta from the same title. I saw several of her "in progress" photos and, when I came across the new Valkyrie costume on the cover of #8, I decided I found another one I could do. The good thing is that she practically uses the same pattern as Widow, with some minor alterations...which I've already done. I threw together a muslin to test it, using my serger. Went together fast, so I'm hoping the same will be said of the real thing. Ordered a few props the other day, too, including a 47" foam latex sword. Bwahahahaha....

Still trying to wait a little longer before I work on the final products...still trying to lose a bit of weight. The 7 day cruise I just got off probably didn't help! =)

So far, for Widow, I've done some fabric and stitch testing with some good results. I even found a new fabric to try, one that looks a lot more like the screen-used fabric. It's a little thin, though, so I'm reserving judgement until I can get some samples pieced together. If you want to take a peek at the work in progress, you can look here, where I started uploading things to link back from RPF.

Finished the quiver for DH's Hawkeye, and will be moving on to the shooting glove later this week. I need to pick up some elastic ribbon to applique to the fingers first. After that, it's a matter of getting the holster put together. Forgot the Dremel last trip home. Will either have to buy a new one, or wait till I go home at the end of July. =\

...and a lot of my supplies are currently in transit from the States. I had ordered a lot of things and had them shipped to my mother, who has shipped them to me. Annoyingly, I might have to pay duties/taxes, but we'll see. Some of it was personal items and Christmas presents from 3 - 4 years ago that never made it back to Texas. Mom labelled it "gifts and scrap fabric," with a value of about $100. I'm betting the "fees" will probably be $50 to get my stuff out of hock. Frakking import BS. Course, if this stuff were available in-country, I wouldn't have to resort to such measures. Then again, even when it's available here, it still costs a @#$% fortune to ship, even within Canuckistan...probably because I'm on an island. Meh.

Overall, though, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at -- aside from the weight loss. The gym has decided to close for two weeks for remodeling and rebranding, so I'm without my reformer classes for the next week and a half while they wrap it up. I finally got off my arse today and went for a walk/run. It felt strangely awesome! Hoping to continue the trend...though it's 12:15 right now, and I'm wide. friggin. awake. with too much excess energy. If I'm lucky, I'll start slowing down soon.

Till later, folks!


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